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Certified Organic

Our products are produced in Bavaria, Germany.

All ingredients, Farmers and production lines are certified organic by BIO Germany and ORGANIC TRUST in Ireland. To be certified you need to answer strict requirements.



We are proud of what we put in a tin this is the reason we state the exact content  and % of our organic ingredients and our recipes. Our product contains exactly what it says on the tin. BPA (Bisphenol A) Free tins.

We believe that a quality balanced diet for our best friend is the base of their healthy live.

we say no

No weird stuff!

No meat Derivatives
No Additives nor Preservatives
No Artificial Colour, Flavours

No Artificial Vitamins
No Sugar, NO GMO’s
Lactose Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free



Like Homemade

Our pet nutritionist create balanced nutritional menus.

Our process is just like “homemade”. We cook our recipes at low temperature to avoid losing the nutritional value of our organic ingredients.

Real Meat

Learn what is in the tin ?

Did you ever read the label of the pet food you are serving your beloved dog? Did you see the documentary “pet fooled”? Did you know when a tin has a label the term “with Chicken” it means that only max. 4% is Chicken? Do you know what are meat (or vegetable) derivatives?

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Learn what is in the tin

What is Organic ?

Do you know what is the difference between a industrial pet food and Organic? Do you know the difference between Natural and Organic? Do you know that some producers have just one or two products that are organic and they present themselves as an Organic brand.

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What is Organic