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organic bio dog food the witty dog turkey
organic bio dog food the witty dog turkeyturkey2_1200pxturkey3_1200pxturkey4_1200pxthe witty dog box x6



A delicious complete menu that is based on a single protein source and prepared with the following fresh and organic ingredients:

69% Organic turkey cooked in its own juice (breast meat, necks and giblets)

30% Organic: rutabagas, potatoes, fennel, salad

1% Organic: evening primrose oil

certificate0Since September 2001, all agricultural products and foodstuffs from organic farming are labelled with the national Bio-Siegel (eco label) of Germany.
69% Organic : Turkey (breast meat, necks and giblets) cooked in its own juice
15% Organic : Turnip
10% Organic : Potato
3 % Organic : Fennel
2 % Organic : Lettuce
1 % Organic : Evening primrose oil
Moisture : 80.36%
Crude Protein : 6.67%
Crude Fat : 6.75%
Crude Fibre : 1.68%
Crude ash : 1.57%
Lactose Free
Glunten Free
Cereal Free
Allergic suitable
Suitable for all ages
Made in Germany

Depending on their age and stage of life, Our dogs have different energy and nutrition needs. Directionally
feeding recommendation per day*

2-6 Month : ca. 3 % of Body Weight
From Month 6 : ca. 2 bis 2,5 % of Body Weight
Seniors : ca. 2 % of Body Weight
*Attention: Personalize to each dog need, eventually seek advise to your Vet

Transition your dog to new food takes some time, please follow this guide

2 Days 25%
2 Days 50%
2 Days 75%
Feeding Calculator

1 review for ORGANIC TURKEY

  1. 5 out of 5


    Well worth every penny! Especially if you want to know exactly what your dog is eating. ..unlike many well-known brand that uses chemicals or meat derivatives. My dog adores this food, and i like the transparency of the ingredients as all is completely 100% Organic not as some brands that use only few ingredients organic and not organic meat. Glad to pay a bit more for so much more quality.

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